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Improvised lyrics about Swimming the Heavens

I'll Float On

Oh sweet, sweet current,

 Surround me and take hold,
so the Ocean’s spirit may anchor my soul!

Please permit this Sailor’s coast.
Alongside those Emerald shores,
to ride your waves of Jade and Gold.
Grant me one wish more,
So I can make a home below,
next to the lost Atlantis
that hosts the ocean’s throne.

Oh deep, deep currents
Forever keep hold,
with waves more fierce than serpents,
determined to swallow my body and soul.

Take board the Titanic,
 The Immortal steel home.
Froze a torn Gigantic
who silently moans.
The Beast of Mechanics
that cease to roam.
For the seas had annexed,
But I Float on.

So ease your many burdens,
Rest ye seas, where’re they go,
For our futures remain uncertain
But our sails shall forever stay bold,
. . . so I’ll float on.

The End

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