and if you wanna go to heaven you should f--- me tonightMature

I don't mean to brag (actually I do) but this might be the greatest thing I've written in a very long time. Title and inspiration comes from Halsey's song Young God from her amazing album Badlands.

last spring we watched

the first leaves bloom

on trees we thought

would remain dead forever

and in the shade of blossoming green

you ran your fingers

over every part of my body

and kissed me

with full red lips until

i was drunk on your love

and i thought i could be immortal

for as long as you loved me


last summer we said we would

road trip the country

because we would fall more in love

with each other

and the world

so we spent our nights

sleeping on the ground

under the stars

and you said

we were fated

to be together

in every universe that existed


last autumn we gave

each other

stick and poke tattoos

under your bathroom sink

gritting our teeth through the pain

and promised forever

and thought we could do it all

we were queens

of everything and everyone

and that's when i realised

you made me this way and

i would never be the same again


but that winter when the cold came

our hearts turned to ice

and suddenly it was the middle 

of the witching hour

and baby we were shooting up heroin

in abandoned buildings

hoping that

the demons of the night

would find us and get us

the fuck out of here

because we couldn't stand

the look in our eyes anymore


and this spring

i went back home

hoping you would see me

and understand that forever

is nothing without you

and that every girl i've kissed since

made me want to drown myself in your body

and i blame fate and the universe

and everyone and everything

because now there's nothing left of me

and i don't know if i can face

another spring without you

The End

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