and I will remain a grounded birdMature

and flight will always be an impossibility.

if I had wings,
I would fly away from here.
not in a vengeful way,
with fire and brimstone,
but just... peacefully.

i don't have a while lot of peace in my life.

I think that sometimes people look at their lives,
and ask for excitement, but I just want an escape.
solutions don't seem that rational anymore, 
they don't seem like they'd work.

turning into a bird and flying away?
yeah. sure.

but I'm not a witch,
I can't give myself wings and
fly away as though i have nothing to leave behind.

because I have a broken family.
I have PEOPLE to watch.
like some sort of fucked-up guardian angel or some shit.
one that has wings but is drenched in blood so heavily
that she will never fly

The End

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