≈≈ and hunt how a goddess may ≈≈

2013 thoughts-all-a-flutter

i am / dream shaped
a pin-prick sky
a bulb bloom of light

i am / star bound
a neon shout
a phosphorous heart

in blossom of soul / of spirit / of sound
my skin crackles with light / an aura / of white
dark flutters in sun pinch / in finger print wings
dust motes and moth bites / shadows unhinged
in presence of heart / of mind / of soul /of spirit / of sounds
with head in the clouds and feet on the ground

i am / dream shaped
a pin-prick sky.

and I hunt as a goddess may / feather in bow
eyes on the prize / light on my toes / heart in the sky
finger in wind / a scent on the breeze / an aura of white
still shaped as a dream / i am / i am / i am /
chasing the shadows / were i the sun /
filling with arrows / a blizzard of beams /

I AM . I AM . I AM .

the hunter of my dreams. 

The End

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