And Gate Lead To Slumber...

Could you feel the breeze in your neck?

Are you... Here?

I who thought I witnessed the sheds of a hearth

The snow blew off the tip of Mountain Black

So sorry, so sorry for what I might will cause

I heard the creaking of a door nearby,

If I would to be go and shut it close?

... Though I am unsure if Wind wanted it...


Crystals flew, snow danced

Oh, of crystals flown...

Are your drops shed for merely a soul like mine?

Ice frozen over height of sea, melt

Deepest apoligizes, for my acts of fury

A gate dressed in harebells, quiet as stone

May I wonder why its seal is unbroken?

... If I should may ofcourse...


I noticed the flackering in the feather,

When he sat off to Moon and Woods

Did you?

A wall built long ago, fell brick, by brick...

Undeterminded, I am, for of whom it was,

Forgive me please, mist stained my eye, yet again

I fear, if the door should have opened by my hand

To frightened I am, if it would have lead to You

... Are your hearth of a labyrinth, where I can survive?


The tranquil, blue... Shimmer from the entrance

Is that my path?

Hand which touched a silver knob, trembling

Shall not the Wind have foreseen this?

Whereto, where have he flown?

Oh please... Don't walk that gravel road...

Silent rain fell upon my shoulders, turn!

... Yes turn hither your view...


Mellow are my options,

I have wasted, no, ignored the few

Shallow... Shallow shell, unlike your fortress

A hollow structure, I know... I know...

Sparrow who slept in your palm, where is she?

I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry... For what I have caused

Cast me in the bricks of my wall, you may...

... For I cannot do more, I'm ashamed...


Shall I reset the glimmer on Mountain Black?

Would it make any difference now?

For best sake it is, or else a flame from within is awakened

Miss... If I ever would be able to indemnify on you...

I am too full of myself and fright to make a stand for you

I beg to you, on my knees... 

Leave me here, and follow the chaffinch song...

Astray is only I, and I not alone...


Of aching nerves and pounding hearth,

You tear me slowly, as the tide, to shreds

For how long, how long will it be lasting this time...

Countless minutes, of racing blood within fragile veines

I am soon beginning to think like you, whispering breath

I am not certain, but I think I may have seen a glimpse of your ashen, grey world

As he slowly drowns me, I remain quiescent and dormant

Sight fades to fog, and my last gaze is fixed on a blue, twinkling scenery


... Forgive me, forgive me...


And when she came across my epileptic body,

He threw myself over her, to tear her fair skin and hair

Shed were her tears and blood, for I was gone

And numb she fell in my arms, but I was already dead

So in his arms she fell, he who stole my shell

And Wind blew gentle in branch and twig,

'... Ever it will be such an oath again...'

The End

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