And Fire in the Eyes

I screamed into the night

But truly, truly, I have nothing!

The darkness weighs down on me

I have not the strength to stand

Without someone to hold my hand

I ache for something more

I can feel the desperate need

You lie!

A scream

Your voice is never quiet

You never speak to me in calming tones

You scream so I will hear you

Is pain to be forever?

What is to be must always be

The pain is no account

The lights may dim from many eyes

Then there can be no disguise

And even through the eerie cries

Of the brutal death of love

As final breaths are ripped from weakened lungs

Fire rips through the agony

You scream and let me know

Fire kindled in the eyes

To burn the cries that echo in the dark

The sky is red and flames lick the sky

Paint the picture


Show the world!

But then I'd die inside

This fragile orchid nearly scorched

Cannot face the bitter winds

You can't go on without a breath!

I can

You fool! You can't beat death!

The End

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