"And Everyone Died..."Mature

"And every last bit of the pretty princess's golden hair was plucked from her head, and her pale blue eyes were gouged out by the pointy edge of a rogue magic-wand. Then they all lived painfully ever after. Until Everyone died. The end."

Pretties get happy endings, damnit!

You don't even have to be smart with it!

We are the dragons and witches that die,

While they wait for their princes, they just sit and cry,

Where's the hard work in that?

You could find more brains in Lucifer the cat,

So many scary things you can find,

If you read into the author of the fairtale's mind,

Poison, death, lifelong fear of apples is all I've got,

From reading fairytales, in hell Snow White can rot...


The End

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