Sat on the Roof Last Night

Sat on the roof last night-

Done with friends and foes.

The night before, I could hardly breathe-

The air was so thick, saturated

The space between angry magnets.

Couldn’t make anything fit.


Night before, the air was skim milk

Lucid and pearly, I could punch a hole in it

A feather might drop like an anvil.

Tomorrow, I’m going to dive headlong

Knock my nails against the porcelain end-all

And no one will be around to save me.


Sat on the roof last night-

Pitched my sneakers over my shoulder.

The lacquer on my toenails

Made a candy apple glint,

And I saw the moon in it.

Dragged my foot across the tableau horizon

Circled the blushing sky-scrapers

With lethargic persistence.

Carved some for you, for I

And like dutiful exposure on a negative reel,

I swear I saw, for weeks, that red loop

Haunting a starkly white wall.

The End

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