Anathema is a strange word with several somewhat conflicting meanings. One definition is "an offering" to a god or power, especially one that's malevolent. It also means banishment, to be accursed. Lastly, it can mean "to be formally set apart".
I discovered the word, then discovered this poem.

I give you an offering
Spilling pain into your glass
Here's a toast to all the criers and to those who gladly
Drank their tears

Be quiet, or you'll draw the moths
Who flutter and weep and titter
In their habitat in society's periphery
Where everything that seemed to die
Found a way to stay

I give you an offering
And you give me a scar
Hacking away at my hope
Until I am but a skeleton
In your scorched, decaying closet

You think you can get away?
An open book, a closed mind
The game isn't over until my glass is full
Until the room goes dark and deathly quiet

I give you an offering
And you hold me close
Oozing symbolic inner demons
Weeping grotesquely

You're doing this to yourself
I'm merely observing the effects
And collecting the remains
Asking for forgiveness is like asking for rain
It doesn't mean the sky will comply
It doesn't mean it hears you

I give you an offering
And you push me over the edge
Telling how you care so much
Showing how you care so little

I will crawl inside you and make you mine
You'll come to accept it in time
The same way the tree accepts the grubs
And the woodsman with his sharpened ax

I revoke my invitation
This parasite has grown fat and full
But I banish it to the Hell we created
To starve among ashes
Of the fire we perpetuated

The End

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