You claim that you’re a good man.
Fucking lies.
You believe in God.
Believe that he’ll be there to save you.
Well, where is he now?

God fucking called in sick today.
Your savior has turned his back on you.
You pray so hard on bloody knees, to a false God
Who would never grant you the forgiveness you ask for in vain.
You know damn well that you don’t deserve anything more than a bullet in your head.
I hope you burn in hell,

You robbed me of my innocence.
The only thing I had left.
I try so hard to erase all the memories,
But they still remain.
Reminding me of how much I fucking hate you.

I need your end.
I want your demise.
Don’t ask me why--
I’ll sew your fucking lips shut.

Make one wrong move, and I’ll end your pathetic existence.

I won’t rest until everything you love has been destroyed.
I’ll slit your wrists; watch you bleed.
I want you to feel the pain that I’ve lived with my entire life.

Feeling caged inside,
The monster you’ve created has escaped.

Look at me, so I can see the light escape from your eyes.
I want to be the last thing you see before you die.

The End

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