Analytical - J'y Crois Encore

I don't know why these words came out this way, but I truly tend to hate my poetry. So for you fans, I'm sure you'll enjoy.

I’m a little too analytical

Sadly, I can look at you, and by the way your hair sits on your head

By the amount of times you blink your eyes (Twenty six times in three seconds)

I can tell you your mood.


I creeped you out because I called you out on a lie

It went over your head, and you thought it went over mine

Saw you with your mother, had to hide

Your tears are only makeup to subside the ugly lie


I have no doubt that I scare people I meet

Because I see what makes them unique

Or fake like the foundation they smear on


No one I’ve met in person has intrigued me

Little too analytical they say

But seeing the reality of you, dear reader, has always been my goal


Prophetic voices call out to those who will hear

But most won’t listen to the truth screaming out to them

Like fireworks in the dark unexpected

They will hate my musings

They’re simplistic really


Where are the words never spoken to my heart?

If you love I love you

Don’t be scared, you’re safe, this I swear

Fall and I’ll serenade you in my arms


If you only say it back

If you only say it -


Screaming out that I still believe


J’y Crois Encore

J’y Crois Encore

J’y Crois Encore


Analytically I hate myself

So what does that make me?

Hypocrite? symbol of insanity?

Or realist, lost to the fake majority?


My fate lies with you, dear reader

All art is quite useless

All Art is a con

J’y Crois Encore


I love the world who hates me

Hate the hate that surrounds me

I’ll promise the moon but you won’t allow me to


Its all the same

Life isn’t gray.


What more do I have to lose

Two friends who hate but love me

Analytical thoughts like this will kill me


So I


Shut down.

The End

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