Anaesthetise Me

This poem is an explicit one I wrote about sadism.


Nightmares steal his sleep,

As he tosses, turns, and screams.

In his mind dreams something deep

As he sees fire in his dreams.


When his eyes shut, he’s gripped.

Trapped in a noose of barbed wire.

Under a manipulative drug he trips,

As he’s tortured with visions of fire.


Just a boy caught up in a nightmare,

that he doesn’t understand.

A tortured soul, his eyes are cold

Because he doesn’t know where he stands.


Fire boy lays his head to rest.

In hopes insomnia will not grip him.

Peace of mind would be the best,

In hopes his visions will emit him.


As dawn becomes day, and day becomes night.

He closes his eyes, and the noose becomes tight.

He thinks to himself what tonight’s nightmare will be.

And screams to whoever’s listening, anaesthetise me.


Ryan Smith 25/09/10

The End

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