You can’t be starving yourself

You say

Because you know me

You’ve known me your whole life

So the idea

The very idea

Is irreconcilable

Only, I am

I can’t take this anymore

The fat

The looks

The comments

So I’m doing something

I’ve found a friend

Her name’s Ana

And she’s special

Helps me out when times are rough

And yes

To be her friend

I must ignore the cravings

The food

But it’s worth it

‘Cause she makes me feel good




When I’m with her

I don’t stretch my fat

I don’t wallow in my weight


When I’m with her I’m thin

When I’m with her

You can see my bone

Oh so perfect

Oh so pretty

Just the bone

Didn’t you know?

If you can’t see the bone

You just aren’t pretty


Look at you

Thin as a sheet

Looking at me with disapproval

You stuff your face

And remain the same weight

Well I can’t do that

Not possible for me

So I’ll turn into you sis

Through Ana

Through starving

Even if it kills me


At the end of the day

I’ll die thin

And beautiful.

The End

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