an organ donation

when i die
i want my heart (alive) displayed in a diamond case.
brilliant, timeless, invincible,
untouched by the distortion of its palpitations -
you would see the thousands of tiny nicks and depressions
undulating rhythmically, in sharp detail,
and always healing despite the scrutiny.

i want it to be pure and clean and simple;
i want you to believe that you could touch it.
i (always) wanted this so that you would want it too.

but instead my heart's a brown sluggish cut of meat,
heavy and limp. you trail it about in a plastic bag
as it spasms, seeping and bloated. graceless,
my blood smears on the carpet of your attentions.

your heart's always been sterile and caged
while recently mine has been dirty and dying.

The End

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