An Ode_to WorkMature

to the poor grunts who saddle to and fro everyday

Your boss is a jerk but you go to work

and there he lurks, that creepy derp

Your jobs a bore and you`re a whore

with not much in store for you to adore

The payoff is crap because of salary caps

and you`d love to just nap to make up for the gap

Now mind the rules no matter how cruel

invented by fools who did not go to school

Get into your car doesn`t matter how far

because you`re off to the bar to get tarred

Your wife`s getting balled in bathroom stalls

by some guy at the mall, what a doll

Get it straight through your head, you are better off dead

a headful of lead splattered red

But that sulphorous smell and the guttural yell

and those clanging bells - you`re in hell

The End

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