An ode to you....

Some three years ago …

it happened so,

I was in a world anew,

 And got used to being low...

Never had I dreamt ,

that I’d witness someone like you,


With just a smile,

 Could solve my problems,

Though few.


You have done nothing …

which might seem causal enough.

But your giving

 in my life is so very ruff.

Never did I tell you,

 the thoughts about you I have.

Just a little help from you,

 turned out to be a salve.


This year though,

 your sense in my life changed.

You play a more important role,

 though your attitude got estranged.

I still somewhere felt,

“I may be wrong...”

Your manner may misguide me,

While your eyes whispered strong


I really don’t know,

 the way I should approach.

And if I do,

 my condition it may encroach.

Not everyone around…

 gives me that feeling,

I ponder ...

 you may understand ,

my heart’s pealing.


It may seem bizarre.

 Nonetheless, I mean it.

Your existence has changed my life ,

and every bit of it...

The End

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