An Ode To Protein

They say to write about what you're passionate about :P

Three letters summon the next piece,

Gracing an extending chain,

Until the point of release,

And then, the twisting and collapsing into frame.

A wave of ripples as rotamers and conformations alter,

Helices, loops and sheets appear in what was once a single line,

Twisting and twirling by nanoscopic forces,

Electrical, physical and chemical powers align.

The sheets come in waves and barrels,

Resting the structure's energies,

Helices curling themselves into elegance,

Loops... Well, they are whatever they will be.

A surface of force and energy results,

And in this surface, pockets of activity,

In a dance with water and metals,

A piece of the puzzle unravels beautifully.

There's many things in the world,

With the beauty known and seen,

But in the unseen, there is also beauty held,

So this is an ode to protein.

The End

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