An ImpossibilityMature

We were an accident waiting to happen,
A tragedy of torn hearts and tears.
Parachutes of butterflies
Tell our story. Twisting fairytale.
Flickering on the words
We never said-
The slow burn, the fire of
The words spoken:
Slut. Slut. Slut.
They're dead now,
But I never said-

Where would you keep the key
To unspeakable evil? Is it
Embedded in your hardened heart? Will I
Pull it sharpened from your skull? Your mouth?
Show me where your lust is.
I'll scrape it from your skin,
Straight razor bleeding profanities.
Mine is in the vampire bite you gave me.
On the wrong side of my chest.
A purple shadow bruise of love.
An echo of the always.
Inevitable. Impossible. Impossible. The end.

The End

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