An Hour Passes in the Universe


Once, in the dark emptiness of space,
I caught a glance from the eyes of a black hole.
It tried to swallow me in its momentary gaze,
And I felt the sadness we all experience in ourselves.

I traveled in my own body to the moon just behind
The last visible planet, as far as the eye can see.
It never moves and defies the laws set forth at the
Creation of time and jealousy. It hides away from
The terrible human form. We, like the blackest star,
Would desire the craters and the dust, wish to consume
The surface and leave not even the husk or core of its
Lifeless face, and fill the emptiness with something even
More cold.

The blinking of a distant pulsar distracts my
Thoughts, I accept its gift of hope, and then I watch as
The coruscating star slows. The sadness was spread,
And I knew the falsity of my emotions would last

The End

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