An Honest MomentMature

Even the most opaque soul is see through.
You’ve just got to catch them off guard.
they can’t erase their poker face,
It’s the eyes that give away the card.

Nevermind the actress.
Nevermind the stage.
There’s a moment the soul leaves honest,
Read it right, and you won’t get played.

This moment is given to lovers.
locked safely behind closed doors,
out of sight of the prying others,
When their lips interlock with yours.

When your bodies sync implicitly.
When lust thrusts out screams of passion.
And when cupid brings you felicity,
That’s where honesty happens.
When your blood ascreams with fire.
When soft talons shear coarse skin.
There’s truth between the moments,
Of desire and sin.

My girl won’t give me this moment.
She’s scared to let the walls come down,
She’d rather die than look me in the eye.
As she mutes her euphoria sounds.

I kiss her from head to toe.
As her heart wildly runs.
In sweet pursuit an honest moment,
Then she covers her face as she cums.

The End

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