An Expendable With An Idea

Through the smoke and the shadows

We wonder “What have we done?”

Survived, but stranded in the middle of the dead

Determined philosophy is all we need

But what do we do now that it’s destroyed?

We must realize we are all expendable

Recognize that we have made this

Admit we are to blame

But within excepting the responsibility

We learn from mistakes

“Learn from yesterday, Live for today, and Hope for tomorrow”

As the anonymous saying declares

So shouldn’t we follow it as an example of how our lives should be?

If we let ourselves drown in denial we lose our own lives and friends

For not seeing our own flaws, we never see our real character

To say it so many times “I would change my ways”,

Means you don’t stand up for yourself for who you are,

Means changing everything, perfect and imperfect ways of you for someone

Even though taking peaceful action is a start,

Beginning new would be better

If we lay here, just lay here together,

We can think of rebirthing ourselves

Imagining grace for everyone on Earth

Where there was no such thing as hurt

Where there is a place we can be ourselves

Where we can all be happy

We must realize though we are all expendable

But we are expendables with intentions for others first

The End

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