An Exciter

A friend told me once, " long as we're breathing.. we keep on going."

Why were we alive?

One answer:

For the reason we breathed.

And in the case of it's gone, everything's deceased


It's too late.

Don' howl Give me a chance,

For there are no more chances.

Not a single one.



You put your head in peace.

There's nothing to care about.

No, thing.

There are no worries.


Everything is gone.

Your moment's came, your job is done.


Don' wanna be blue to your soul, but you are dead.

You left us,

My friend.


But don't you worry.

You might not be left behind.


For you might leave two artefacts.

You might leave memories,

You might leave regrets.


You leave memories.. for you, were strong.

You were beloved.

You smiled.

You cared.

You learnt.

You tried.

You did.

You achieved.

You became.

Restless, you were.



You leave regrets, for you were weak.

You were abhorred.

You complained.

You whined.

You cried.

You blamed.

You distressed.

You offended.

You hurt.

You neglected the fact.. that you had the whole universe in your hand.

All what was sensible, yet touchable.

And more importantly, thinkable.


You regret doing this,

You regret not doing that.

Again I say,

It is too late in the fact.


Am not being a flat-tire..

You might leave both, that's said.

Am being an Exciter.

For some of you my friends, are already dead.


A living dead, an old rag doll.

You're empty in mind, empty in soul.



Which one do your kindness wanna be?

And what do ya wanna become?

What's it gonna be?

Find the reason you were born.



Yours faithfully,

The Infinite of the Universe..



- Written in a night of insomnia.

The End

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