An Exaggeration

I am colourless, I am blind,

A transperant molocule for everyone to eye.

A mistake, a typo, a gramatical error,

I am nothing, a souless body.

I am a black hole in space,

A vaccum in which nothing resides.

A cometless universe, a paradox, a lie,

I am an astronaut, a spaceman, a traveller of the Galaxy.

I am an astronomical error, a worm hole, a red star.

A supernova, a neutron star, a mindless creature,

I am nothing, I am nothing and nobody knows.

For I am the exact calculation and sum of mental destruction,

I feel like I am colliding with the neutrinos,

I feel I am falling, perhaps I am now crawling,

I am pinned to the floor, I cannot suffer it anymore,

My mission is to end it before it began,

To end it before it ever began.

It must end.

The End

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