An Epic Of HesperidesMature

I sat down and randomly composed an epic. I guess I was just in the mood.

This land has been enchanted

The garden that I planted

So full of trees and ripe with golden fruit

But everything I wanted

Left horrid, hidden, haunted

The dissonance is standing resolute

The golden fruit is fallen

From branches broken, hollow

Lay guarded by the beast in Hermes' dreams

But left without my dearest

The fruit, it draws me nearer

Into the jaws of yonder hidden beast

My blade is growing giddy

With excitement aptly fitting

And I betook to draw it from it's sheath

And as the guard, it loosens

Hrunting, frightened, refuses

To follow me into the Dragon's keep

So down I lay my armor

I set beside my hardware

And stroll into the blackness of the cave

When logically enlightened

I see my soul is frightened

I must remind my body to behave

I see the walls are splattered

With blood so thickly matted

I see the pathway painted black with gore

And moving ever deeper

The decline growing steeper

I listen, and I hear the creature roar

So in the hall of feasting

The beast was beastly beasting

And grumbled as I lumbered through the door

A subterranian palace

Many a golden chalice

Displaced the beastly burden that he bore

And from the flickering candle

My eye perceives a handle

With studded rubies greeting gleaming blade

In freeing from prison

The blade of steel did glisten

Entrancing with it's glorious display

The blade, it punctured easy

Through hide of thither beasty

The crying wrought with flame from muzzled head

And with it's final thrashing

The beast performed a slashing

And I, along with thither beast, was dead.

The End

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