A thought becomes reality to me.
A swift strange jump to the edge of the world.
I look from the dark, it's the sun I see.
Inviting me to the sky I am hurled,
to follow my heart in the sweet sunrise.
An apparition to the maze of minds.
I slowly rest on a pure cloud of hope,
If the truth was to dawn my heart would cope.

Dazed and in wonder of the beauty here,
To share this artistry with someone near.
A need fulfilled as I relax once more,
In my mind when there's a knock on the floor.

I look to the ground the grass sweetly green,
No door or opening for me to find.
But a knock so sure I pounce inbetween
Certainity and fear once more alligned.

Who dares call on me in a dream so drunk?
So deep in my soul a dagger that's blunt.
Alone for most of my time here on earth,
The one picture of me was of my birth.

His hair crystal clear, visable to me.
His eyes a cold blue as deep as the sea.
An angel has crossed my mind and my soul,
A rare mark I will so treasure and hold.

The End

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