The wise duo did approach the master,
their thoughts rayed in confused cluster;
for doubts and fears loomed above,
such feel they helplessly did shove.

There they saw a man whose face shone;
hastily all worries winged to oblivion,
for his being was a literal demigod,
they fell upon his feet, long and broad!

“Rise, what tides do thou people bring?
Why, thy eyes reflect sad feel, O King?
Ah I do sure know the wretched reason,
you’ve fallen victim to evil’s cruel treason!

I will give you a quick fruitful solution,
take this Lord’s own magical potion;
make thy wife drink this ere you meet
then all your troubles will retreat!”

Aye, aye, they did have a son,
whose eyes glowed like a radiant sun,
by the grace of almighty seer,
times were much better and happier.

Thus the noble bard sung his song,
with a voice both sweet and strong


The End

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