An Epic from The Bard

The story is told by a Bard who's introduced in the first chapter. The story that he tells in gonna take twists and turns, there will be stories within the story. So guys, enjoy!

The greybeard bard sat under a tree;
Tall and stout and wise was he,
many tales are forged in his mind,
and even today one, sure he did find.

“Come O come my kin; young or old,
there is a very charming tale to be told;
sit or stand, please, make yourself seen,
and listen to what I say with keen!”

“Sure, old man; I always like what you say”
in front a young man hurriedly lay,
“O my old bard, your stories, can I miss?
No, no; for, they give me immense bliss!”

Thus people in huge stared him with an eager eye,
“You’re telling about princess Cindrella aye?
or the famous story of Fiona and her friend?”
(“tell me with pace, because I’ve work to attend”)

“Have patience, my brethren; I’ve a great tale,
ready your minds, lighten your faces that are pale,
I’m going to tell you a nice story,
that praises the great God’s will and glory."

Thus the noble bard sung his song;
with a voice both sweet and strong!

The End

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