An Entire Skeletal System Housing A Heart

A bunch of three-lined short poems, each about a certain feeling or emotion. I wrote this a little while ago, editing and adding to it recently. Hope you like it, and don't forget to comment!

I press my panic

Into my scars, steady reminders

Of what once was.


I shove my anxiety into my lungs,

So that when they heave and search for

Breath, my worries rise.


My happiness resides in my lips,

So that when they purse and press together,

The feeling subsides.


Thoughts are tricky,

They always move, and

I never really had a grip on them.


Remorse lurks deep below,

Where my stomach is,

So it is easily manipulated.


My flaws are placed at the

Nape of my neck. When I twist my head,

They come to haunt me once again.


I roll my fear into my marrow,

So that when my bones rattle,

It rises like the dawn.


My perfections are buried beneath

Everything else. However, sometimes they rise

To the surface, and take their rightful place.


Pride is a complexity. It’s really just

Scattered all over the place, and

Makes its presence shown occasionally.


Patience is a virtue, it comes

With time. It stays in my fingertips,

As they tap with boredom.


Wonders are threaded into my scalp,

So that they are always there to remind

Me of the beauty of life.


My sadness is sewn into my skirts,

So when they swish in the breeze,

The feeling comes alive again.


My depression, my depression is everywhere.

It consumes me, eats me while I breathe,

So that I am suffocating every day.


Confusion clouds my vision,

My eyes are filled with it,

They see the bafflement in things.


Excitement is one that is often best ignored.

It can be fulfilling, but will leave you

Empty when the time comes.


And love, love is a sham, but it is a good one.

Love… love is like smoke, it dissipates and

Returns with a vengeance. Love is a weakness.


Pain is demanding, it is mean and ruthless.

It shoves aside your cares and makes room

For itself. Pain is insistent. it never goes away.

The End

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