The Release From The Cage

Giving the pot another glance,

He sees that he may, still have a chance!

But it would take a daring act,

It was a mighty risk in fact,

To tamper with the potion, here before him in the pot,

To add his own magic, to see what power could be rought,

If he could prove himself, he could be free,

Of all these lessons and filigree,

He'd be free to learn from whomever he chose,

And leave this old master to the crows,

Giving the pot a closer glance,

He breathed, then drifted to a trance,

He listened, he smelled, he felt the heat,

He stirred, he mixed, he began his feat,

And through the day he felt the change,

The potion strengthened, as he showed his range,

He had the potential, he had the spirit,

His master would learn in time to fear it,

But he was, as you may realize,

Rather obnoxious and too eager to rise,

But as he assured himself an escape,

He set himself up for a difficult scrape,

For lessons would hit him from every side,

And in someone wise he would have to confide,

All alone he would not do well,

Until he sought help from he who fell.

The End

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