An Arthurian Tall Tale

Something that could never be,

buried, as if

beneath the sea

A hope for fire, burning bright,

lost within

the gloom of night.

“Return! Apprentice, to your work”,

says the master,

with a smirk.

Denied the chance, he sits alone

a ridiculous dream

a sword to hone

is snapped! again,

by he that grins

demanding and forcing

his mannequin.

Part Two———–

His resentment simmering,
he stares at the pot,
A chance to have glory!
… but all for naught.
Still, he mulls over
possibilities had
from that elixir, that potion!
Of Sir Galahad.
A knight of knights, yes,
pure heart and pure mind,
Galahad the Good was as fair as was kind
So Morgan Le Fey, that wicked witch bold
extracted an essence
from Sir Galahad’s soul.
But back to our apprentice!
That eager young mage
His story needs telling;
“The Release from the Cage”

The End

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