An ApologyMature

Just had a long thinking session with myself and I've realized that most of what I said before was uncalled for and came of my own cynical personality. I apologize, Life's tough sometimes and it really does help to just vent.. also knowing that you're not alone is a nice addition. We all have bad days but when you weigh the positives with the negatives you'll find that the positives are more significant and will hold much more weight if you allow them too.

I can make excuses about how my life is hard

or how I fucked up did drugs an tore my life apart

But depression is a helluva' burden

And feeling worthless just isn't worth it

I fell into cynical ways and showed my dark side too

Recovery is tough and its a long ride through

I feel like an apology is called for to start this with

But I'm rusty and I fell off like old car parts did

My brain is a computer with too many tabs open in the browser

So it's easier to just shut down and hope not to crash after

It's all regrets, guilt and shame

I guess I'm a chronic hypocrite trying to build up a name

Seems awful, Can't even take a compliment

But if you asked me what I thought I'd say I'm the awesomest

I take it all back

"We all just want to be happy

in a world of our own

I can change what I do

but it's better for you

just to leave me alone"

The End

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