To the Insane

Some people absolutely           Some people think
adore                       cheese           that I do not
Me   ?                        s u r e            but they would
I    am                       partial           be very wrong because
to a good nibble  of  red           I  do, and they fail to see
Lancashire                                                                      that
and maybe                                                there is a person
even some                                           Hidden beneath the         
good     old                                    The  crazy,  that  we  are
c h e d d a r.                                  not  just  empyty  shells.

Do you       begin to                    I found a dead bird
 see now  what it is                     today,  outside  the
   that your words                       window,
         do  to  me                              Warden
         especially                              thought
         when you                              I       had
         brand me                              done   it
         with your                              c o urse
             cruel                                   he would, he saw me
             words                                 With the blade, oops

 I'm quite           tired now                      Maybe
 e v e r y            day  is   a          some                  day
 s i l e n t           stru  ggle          I will                  ge t
 and I no            l o n g e r         outta                  this
 care any more,  I'm   so         place                  and
 very tired of it all,    that          s i n g                  cos
 I may go          to    sleep         I like                    m y
 although         they wont        voice,                  they
 like that          very much        say  I                   am 
 Warden         never does                    Talented

The End

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