An Alphabet Poem

Not something I normally go for, but give it a go, see what you can come up with, and add them on. Your entries are editable so you can come back and change them if you need to.

A is for apple, crunchy and sweet.
B is for button, so shiny and neat.
C is for colours, varied and bright.
D is for diamond, reflector of light.
E is for elephant, heavy and slow.
F is for fiddle, played with a bow.
G is for general, a man to respect.
H is for hornet, a pesky insect.
I is for igloo, a home made from ice.
J is for jam, which tastes very nice.
K is for kissing, a lover's pastime.
L is for liquorice, and that doesn't rhyme!
M is for magpie with black and white feathers.
N is for newspapers, sold in all weathers.
O is for onion, and they make you cry.
P is for penguin, and they cannot fly.
Q is for queen, proud and pristine.
R is for rainbow with treasures unseen.
S is for speaking, or having a chat.
T is for tiger, a large orange cat.
U is for underdog, ready to lose.
V is for vermin which feed on refuse.
W's for water, the liquid of life.
X is for X-ray for medical strife.
Y is for yacht, a small sailed boat.
Z is for zebra, with a black and white coat.

The End

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