An Affair

Forgive my despondent mood,for your silence has brougt back a turbulent gauntlet of emotions.

I certainly pine for your voice,

I covet your smile

I desiderate your lips and yearn your style
The beauty of love is lost to me,
and my ears are deaf to this melody..
For a love so hard,for souls once glued!

With hopes so far I cannot attain,

I live in pain.
Far out of my reach,yet I should not speak,

What is my crime,who do I seek?
The days are bright,but my life is bleak
You  close your door and turn around  ..."".Ssh ...dont make a sound!!!

My husband is here and you are not near,

I command your will to be always still

As there is no pact,like it or not that is a fact

There is no promise and nothing is pure.""" .

Forever this pain I shall endure.

The End

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