Amplified ThoughtsMature

Feeling rather manic and pissed off at numerous aspects of the government and people in general.

My sanity’s starting to collapse

But in fact, it’s just another trap

Another panic attack

Too attached to my brokenness

Limbs feeling motionless

I guess it’s glamourised and criticised to feel so paralysed

In this abyss, even psychotherapists are prejudice

You’re just another paycheck to them

Shrinking your brain stem

Shrinking creativity that they condemn

You’re just another slave

Constructs engraved so you behave

Fuck you government, you make me sick

You make my wrists bleed and expect me to suck your dick

You fucking control stick, not everything is politic

So stop trying to brainwash us who think outside the box

You’re in for a revolutionary shock


The End

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