American Soldier

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Our soldiers risk their lives

Everyday for our freedom

But everyday we take them for granted

We curse and swear them

For standing and fighting against terrorism

Against those who would have us enslaved

Have us in chains, have our freedom taken away

They fight for our government so we don't go to communism

We take our daily lives for granted

We take our phones, tv, computers, friends, family, boyfriends, girlfriends, fiances

All for granted

While they would love a phone so they could call theyre family

A tv so they can see if what they are doing is getting to the people they are protecting

Computer's so they can e-mail loved ones

Friends so when a comrade falls they have someone to comfort them and kick they're ass when they get all depressed about it

Family so they know they are safe and loved

Boyfriends and girlfiriends that they miss so much

Fiances who they may never see again

We take books, prayer, God, food, peace, freedom, paper all for granted.

While they would want a book so they can read scripture

They pray every day to live through that day so they can see their loved ones again

They know God is watching over them

They may go without food for days

They fight for are freedom and peace

They may not be able to write a letter to family and not know how they are fairing

Tell me what do you think of our soldiers?

I think we should respect them and thank them for what they have done

We should remember them everyday

We should remember the fallen

We shouldn't taken veteran's day or memorial day for granted

Have you forgotten?

Remember 9/11?

Remember the terror?

They fight so that that will never happen again

So get off your lazy asses and send them what they need

Send them love

Send them respect

They are the american soldiers fighting for you and me.

The End

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