American Desperate

I just kinda got to thinking about this world we live in. I know it might read as me attacking America, and in a way I am. But, don't get offended, it IS only just my opinion.

You want it? Well you better go get it,

because I sure as hell wont be handing it to you on a silver platter-

You want that top spot, that central stage basking in limelight?

Darling, you better be prepared to fight-

America is desperate,nothing comes easy,and the punches roll hard,

Oppurtunity only knocks when you invite him over,

and even then don't expect him to be sober.

He's dealing with organized chaos,

the American ideal of what the meaning of life is.

This generation was washed out before rain even came pounding down

American teens out looking like clowns,

out strutting like fools, messed up and causing trouble across town.

If you'd just look to your left folks, you'll find you've arrived in hell.

The dream is missing,

 just a nation's facade of dreamer's emissions-

My generation is barely coping,

suffocating from the talks of hopes being stuffed down our throats,

but how can you dream when you're too afraid to close your eyes and sleep?

The secret life of the American teen,

the life that everyone else is dying to live,

oh world why can't you see how hopeless this all is?

We beat our brothers until blood flows all because of their secret stolen kisses,

and we stone our sisters to a soulles death with harsh words and ill wishes,

I don't know about you, but I have no clue what I'm doing,

just faking it 'til I make it here in America the Brave,

in America the Beautiful.

Where from sea to shining sea,

they tell us to open our eyes and dream,

but what's the use dreaming of a future for a nation that downplays the importance of freedom from oppression?

We're all depressed by the thoughts we keep to ourselves behind locked doors of isolation-

What future is there for the child shunned because they lack the "right" religion?

What future is there for the gay,lesbian or transgender?

I see no future in the desolation,

I can't even trust the tremor,the vibration of hope that builds,

Because at the rate my generation is going,

it'll be amazing if in twenty years America still upholds the constitution.

Its funny how we hold more respect to pieces of paper

than we do our humanity, our dignity as a people.

Somewhat like putting thread through a needle-

sometimes you think you got it through just fine,

just to realize you didn't win that fight.

You try and try until you get it right,

until you manage to pull the thread tight,sewing together all the pieces,

But alas! America is desperate it seems, 

bursting at the seams to get it right this time around.

I'm not much of anyone at all, just a girl playing poet and dancing through school's halls,

But,I just think it'd be so much more effective,

to handle the food crowding the home plate before meddling with everyone else's.... 

The End

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