Here's a poem about the strength of the human mind, and how it grows stronger after hardship

To break is believed to be a sign of weakness.
Into a state of uselessness…or disrepair.
But it is quite the opposite, and I must speak this.
Because strength lies among the experiences that we share.

Rock, or lead, or steel is known to be strong.
Although once broken, they are weaker than when designed.
The one resource that is ignored; as if it’s gone.
Is the strength of the human mind.

For elements are expendable and discarded,
When they can be used no longer.
As the delicate elements are disregarded,
The mind is the only one that grows stronger.

In our contorted existence,
Humbled becomes our resistance,
At our reluctance to accept that we rupture.
And crumbled will become our content psychological structure.
But believe this; we will ameliorate.
To a level that is over substantial,
To a level that is more than ample. 
From what we once had.
And again, through pain…
We will become stronger.

So drive the dagger into my heart!
Let the fear of my mortality worry me no longer!
Because I will be better than I was at the start!
Through my painful experiences…I become stronger.


Ryan Smith

The End

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