Ambitions From Inhibition

It's about spectrophotometry I'm using to measure enzyme activity in the presence of inhibitors. In other words, it's about me shooting light into stuff to determine how much is there and how much whatever is there is decreasing by.

An emerald pen dances,
Along a blue lined sheet,
Rise and fall,
Stochasticism and noise,
Obscure the line drawn.

Waves of light,
Unquenching to the eye,
Pass through a prismatic cuvette,
Filled with possibility,
And an inkling of ice,
At room temperature.

Prayer for a slope,
To slowly slide steadily,
To a goal, to a cause,
Not to a fault,
To move on.

The volatile dance,
The collisions,
Working towards a purpose,
The change of composure,
And the passage of light,
In waves,
Free from arrest,
Freedom of energy,
To pass right through.

Only to leave numbers,
Figures to question,
Where words would be simpler,
"This is what you're looking for."

The End

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