Amai AkaiMature

My poem is about a vampire girl named Flandre.
Flandre has been locked in a basement for 495 years, so as you can imagine, she gets lonely.

Silence fills my empty hall

My toys all broken

Empty husks

Discarded from my mind


No one remains to satiate me

My hunger overwhelms me

I laugh politely

So much time alone


Come sing with me

Always singing alone

Come play little human

I'll make you scarlet


Frail vessels stand between me

Covering their sweet red

They struggle beneath my desire

None of them sing to me


Limbs from their sockets

Fluid from their spines

My sweet red pours in waves

My laugh echoes around me


Now I play

Dancing and singing

Enthralled by this red sea

Why don't you laugh too?


Such scarlet,  so awing

It covers my dress

Though it's color persists

A reminder of my thirst


Dizzy,  spinning, my grin grows wide

My teeth stained sweetly

I sing the same tune

Always the same


Come on I'll sing with you

Teach me a new song

Nobody answers me...

Nobody sings to me...


The End

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