Am I Nocturnal?

I wrote this about ten minutes ago, sitting on facebook talking to Zoe, when it just came into my head.
All because I've been struggling to sleep recently.....inspiration comes from the weirdest places

oh and its not a love poem, for once.... still love you though robyn

Am I nocturnal?

If I don’t sleep in the night,

Or during the day.


Am I nocturnal?

If I love to appreciate every moment,

in every little way.


Am I nocturnal?

If I sit up all night,

just so we can find out how to send ‘like’.


Am I nocturnal?

In that small land of dreams,

just beyond the world's outermost seams.


I am nocturnal, it seems.

And I’m not gonna lie,

So much more happens when you don’t close your eyes.

The End

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