Am I breathing?Mature

A poemn about need, touch

Spaceman blow me away

The days are as endless as space

All I hear are the clicking of computer keys

I can't hear my breath, am I breathing?

I'm as boring as fuck

But I still think you should kiss me

Rub against me

I'll conviently forget my occupation

Burn my paperwork

Turn the embers into confetti

Boldness is not my virtue but neither is patience

See what I mean?

I just want to lose my breath that happy sappy way

Give myself something interesting to say

Baby, let me call you baby

And don,t you dare call me needy

Cause all we are are bones, and nerves that need stroking

A lap of warm bathwater

A shy caress reaching


Let those goosebumps succumb

Die with lonliness

The End

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