Always Waiting

~for the girl who sits waiting in the park everyday for the boy who is never coming back....

I have sat here, on this park bench,


This is the place where we would meet,

those days when you still made time for me.

and so I've been waiting for you to show up again.

To show up and take me in your arms,

just like last time.

But its been months since that night,

since you came to me when i needed you most.

You've probably been out living,

and I've been here waiting.

Always waiting.

For your smile to light my way,

for your laughter to take my breath away,

for your touch on my skin to melt the ice from around my heart-

I've been waiting for you here.

I have sat, on the end of this park bench,waiting.

Waiting for you to come back to me,

waiting for you to once again care.

The End

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