Always Silver, Never Gold

Always silver, never gold

Not the bravest, nor the bold,

Stuck in the middle

Second fiddle,

Not the strongest, not the fittest,

Not the smartest, not the wittiest,

Unheard and unspoken of,

Standing in the shadow of,

Glowing magnificent gold,

And whose stories are untold,

No one knows how he got there,

Being silver hailing from nowhere,

Struggles ignored,

No one cares what his life must hold,

From where he comes,

What he will become,

Where he will go,

What he will do,

 Who cares what fear,

He overcame to get here,

The sorrow behind every smile,

After crossing every mile,

Standing after every fall,

Braving tasks big or small,

Is that we’re always silver, never gold

The End

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