Always Right...

its like a poem i wrote when i think i was close to my lowest i hope this gracious feather will be liked 1st post too btw

I try to speak up but your words shoot me down

I try and give a thought but your blank stare was all i could concieve

My actions, my feelings you laugh as if i was a clown

But, in due time your own destruction is what you will recieve

As if it wasn't enough for you to tear down my words calling my bluff

As my sadness refeuls your cold driven thoughts

Your heart, your mind and soul was all burned with my stuff

But you fail to realize this is what your own actions have brought

With razor in hand the choice is clear to make,

That you could care less about my feelings tonight

Through you r hatred the reaper, my soul will take

Becuase you said it would happen and your Always Right..

The End

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