A Brief Captured Destiny

Assuming nothing I started to type out my answer,
Butterflies fluttering insanely inside me.
Carefully worded reply that I left behind,
Desperate to know what your response would be.

Excitement overtook me as we made plans,
Finalising each little detail of what to do.
Gathering up my courage I headed out the door
Heading to the place where I would find you.

Inside my butterflies had turned into dragons,
Jostling my nerves even more than before.
Kicking myself mentally I tried to calm down,
Looking over unblinking to the café door.

Moments later you walked into the café,
Nothing hesitant in your stride I could see.
Once you had sat down and said hello,
People around us appeared to fade out to me.

Questionning each other on things in our lives,
Relaxing together as the time passed by.
Shared smiles only grew longer and sweeter,
Time and again we'd gaze into each others eyes.

Up and out we eventually left the café,
Venturing out into the warm summer night.
Walking side by side our hands gently brushed,
eXcitement spread as you caught and held mine tight.

Yet we stopped for a moment my memories can't miss,
Zooming back to that scene of our very first kiss.

The End

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