Love Stands Defeated

A love they grasped too young, naive and

Blissful in their ignorance,

Courageous for their willingness to fail, but

Dying to succeed,

Enveloped now in sombre

Folds, a prom dress long forgotten,

Goads the lonely girl to take his

Hand, once more and walk

In lover's footsteps, but as

Jealousy ensued, it tore them down in mindless

Kisses, kisses on another's

Lips. She fought but could not shake

Mistrust, a cloak around her

Now, they fell into hate's blizzard

Oh, he wished to feel her hands once more

Play softly on his skin so

Quick and soft, desire

Rebuilt a friendship, but in this

She lay defeated, wanting more than

Time allowed her, and forgiveness would remise,

Understanding peril, but nowhere near

Victorious, they fought together, but

When they left alone, she sat there counting every

X, on messages she sent, and

Yearning for more on his, than a solid






The End

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