Anger, fills your existence.

Burns everything you ever knew,

Contorts your wishes,

Desires. Thoughts turning to

Extravagant murder plots,

Fury drawing blood as you

Grow into a distorted picture of

How life used to be,

Insanity turning ruby red,

Jewel of a troubled heart.

Kisses that never knew what you meant by

Love, just  madness, hatred,

Making of your own downfall.

Nuclear self-destruction that

Obliterates your soul,

Pearl-white and burning, you don't

Question the pain, just inflict it,

Raging swords in shaky hands.

Strike, strike, venom starts to

Trickle back into a world that never


Vague lines define you now,

Wistful tears on burning cheeks,

Xenogenetic anger building as

You watch the bomb tick


The End

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