Sonnet for Love, Fear, Fur, and Yogurt

Alone I sit, with yogurt on my face,
Beneath the weeping willow's soft embrace.
Could I envision a more doubtful scene?
Dumped by my gal? Accused of being mean?

Environmental factors are to blame.
Fur coats are out; I thought she'd feel some shame.
Good riddance, then, if that's her point of view.
Her attitude's archaic. Well, it's true.

It's telling that she turned around and went
Just when I thought I'd made a little dent.
"Keep your opinions to yourself," she fumed.
Love's not like that; I knew that we were doomed.

My own rigidity's in part to blame.
No, I'll not dump it all upon her game.
One kindly word might have forestalled this woe;
Perhaps I'd not be here with my Fro-Yo.

Quite tasty stuff, this frozen yogurt stick,
Reduced in calories, that's quite the trick.
Seems I should finish it and move along
To see if I can right what now is wrong.

Under this tree it's pleasant and it's cool.
Vibrations shake the leaves, but I'm a fool.
Where will I go now, what will be my fate?
Xeroxing notes to fur companies? Great.

You cannot ken what next day's light will show.
Zip tight your nerve; but not your fur coat. No.

The End

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