The Song of the Insanely Phobic Animal Hater

Anyway, I don't care,

But you must admit

Cats and

Dogs are out there

Everywhere I sit.

Foxes, rabbits and

Geese, ducks and

Hens and swans

In my way.  I have to

Jab them with my prongs.

Kill them? I would never!

Like... the very thought!

Maim them? what an idea,

No! (well, I'd be caught)

Over time I've learned

Protection of my space

Question me about it,

Right up in my face.

Some people don't mind them, (like

The Prince of Wales)

Under my rules there'd be

Veterinary jails

Where these creatures would be

Xtra safe and sound

You know it makes sense. so

Zap them underground.    




I have no idea at all where this came from!  Weird...

The End

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